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About Superior Stone

1. What is the main market for your factory?

Our major market is from the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and middle east countries. But in recent years, middle Asia, and Asia countries like Tajikistan, Cambodia, Doha, etc also increasing.

2. What is your MOQ?

Our MOQ is usually 50 square meters.

3. What is your delivery time?

The time of delivery is four weeks after we receive the deposit.

4. What are your payment terms?

We accept 30% T/T in advance, 70% in the period of shipment.

5. What is the location of your company?

Our company is located in the biggest stone factory city Quanzhou, Fujian, China. If you would like to have a visit, you are much welcome.

6. What are your main products?

Our main products are aluminium quartz countertops, vanity tops, tabletops, tiles, stairs, window sill coping, and so on. And also we offer OEM services.

7. You are a trading company or factory?

We are a group company. Xiamen company is an engineered company who is specialized in stone decoration project and stone related export business. We have two factories, one is a aluminium stone stone processing factory, which can produce kitchen countertops, vanity tops, tabletops, tiles, cut to sizes, and so on. The other factory is specialized in producing beautiful marble medallions. We also have our quarries overseas, one is a limestone quarry, one is a white marble quarry. We have an 8000m2 factory room in Quanzhou city near the airport, 35 mins from downtown, it’s the most luxurious showroom for marble, granite, onyx, and agate, we suggest your visit. For more details, you can visit

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About Pre-Purchasing

1. Can you send workers to the site to measure the size? How to charge?

Yes we can send our engineer to come to job site to do measurement. And Your company should pay for tickets,visa, and accommodation.

2. Do you have any quality assurance?

Aluminium Stone itself is a good quality assurance, of course we provide products are a set of strict quality system.

3. How can you ensure that the goods are not damaged?

We have very strict requirements on the packaging. We have taken into account some operation problems in transportation and loading. Of course, we cannot guarantee that the goods will not be broken even if we do so.

4. Can you help with the design, is it charged?

Yes we have a design department. We will help you to do design. For simple job we do not charge, but for big amount of job, we will have to charge since it will take so much time. But if you will place order, we can return this cost to you.

5. Can you recommend the product for me?

Sure, what color you prefer? Do you have request for the veins? What place you used for? What’s the style of your house?  We will customized your style accordingly.

6. I want to cancel this order, Can the deposit be refunded to me?

Order has been confirmed to started to produce based on contract, usually we do not return the deposit. But for special reasons, please contact our boss to discuss all details.

7. Can we not pay the deposit, or only pay 10% deposit?

I am afraid we can not do that. 30% deposit is a basic and common rule for export business.

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About China Agglomerated Stone

China Agglomerated Stone FAQ

Agglomerated Stone has entered the Chinese market for more than ten years, and was initially used only in laboratory countertops, cabinet countertops, and high-end decoration that require high countertops. At first, quartz stone is in anti dumping for USA, and the tariffs is too high,That is why the aluminium stone & dolomite coming, Aluminium stone & dolomite stone manufacturing based on quartz stone technology, Just use another best raw materials to instead of quartz sand, and the design and colors will be same as quartz design. At present, aluminium stone is the best product which can instead of quartz slab, and dolomite stone is the best product for countertops instead of quartz. and now the aluminium stone & dolomite stone are becoming more and more popular and has become a national green environmental protection building material.

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About Agglomerated Stone Countertops

About Agglomerated Stone Countertops

Agglomerated Stone countertops are a new type of artificial stone made of small and gorgeous British stones. Its manufacturing process is produced by connecting a set of the most advanced and patented systems. The product contains more than 40% natural quartz sand, 47% aluminium sand(Dolomite Sand) and is mixed with an ultra-high-performance resin and special pigments. The countertop made of aluminium stone is free of any radioactive elements harmful to human body on the basis of ensuring high hardness, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance and easy cleaning. 

The selected materials are toned and vacuum high pressure to form an extremely compact complex, which is then subjected to complex cutting and The surface polishing process becomes aluminium stone, the surface of this plate is as hard as granite, the color is as rich as marble, the structure is as anti-corrosion and anti-fouling as glass, and the finished shape is as perfect as artificial stone

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What is Aluminium Stone? Compare aluminum stone quality with quartz stone.

Aluminium Stone is a new agglomerated stone, made of 40% natural quartz sand, 48% aluminium sand and 12% resin, And all designs and colors same as silica quartz. based color is more high end than silica quartz.

The different bewteen aluminium stone and sicilia quartz is the composition is totaly different, because aluminium stonemade of aluminium sand, the based color will be more whiter than silica quartz. But designs are the same.

Aluminium stone slab is the best product instead of quartz slab.

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Test Report & Anaylsis Of Aluminum Stone

Aluminium Stone Anaylsis Report

More test report please contact us.

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What is dolomite stone? how is the quality compare with quartz?

Dolomite stone is an agglomerated stone which made of about 40% quartz sand, 48% dolomite sand and 12% resin, the colors and designs can be made  same as quartz, like blanco maple, pure white, marble looking-calacatta series. Because dolomite stone is a brand new product and not in anti dumping, So now it is a best product instead of quartz surface.

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Test Report Of Dolomite Stone

Please contact us to get more report for dolomite stone